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Understanding Signs & Causes of Stress in Dogs

As our best friend, dogs are often great at picking up on our communication signals, especially when we are sad or stressed. But are you as aware of what your pup is telling you?

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A Veterinary View On The Benefits of Cat Pheromones

While it’s true cats can’t talk, they do communicate through colorless, odorless chemical signals called pheromones. More specifically, felines deposit facial pheromones to mark their spaces as safe and bond with other cats. For a primer on the science behind these wondrous pheromones, we turned to 27-year-veterinary professional Ellen Carozza, LVT. 

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All Cats Want To bSerene™

We’ve already established the benefits of naturally-occurring pheromones for cats. Did you also know there’s an easy, natural way to introduce feline calming pheromones into your own home, and even when you’re on-the-go? 

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Cat Pheromones 101

Have you ever wondered why a cat rubs up against your leg or against your favorite sofa? Curious why your cat dislikes long car rides? Or perhaps two or more of your cats are constantly fighting? While this behavior might seem mysterious to us, natural-occurring chemicals called pheromones signal a feline’s way of communicating.

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Scientia Pet™ Unveils bSerene™, a Vet-Developed Collection of Pheromone-Based Cat Calming Products, at Global Pet Expo

From H&C Animal Health, Scientia Pet debuts its offerings of science-backed animal wellness products with bSerene cat calming solutions — becoming a trusted new resource for caring pet parents.

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