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Our Mission

bSerene is on a mission to bring science-based calming solutions to caring pet parents who want to keep their cat and dogs happy and healthy. Because a calm pet is a happy pet.

Our Focus

bSerene™ keeps you — loving pet parents — at the heart of our efforts. Whether you’re looking to help reduce your pet’s stress and anxiety or you want to ensure your pet thrives and lives his healthiest life possible, bSerene delivers science-based wellness solutions to bring out the best in your pet.

At bSerene, we’re committed to your pet’s health and happiness. We create innovative and effective animal health products. When it comes to pet health and behavior, our experts understand what makes animals tick. We translate this clinical expertise into safe, effective products, delivering serious pet health care that’s backed by science.

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We aim to be the trusted resource for caring pet parents who want to keep their cats and dogs happy and healthy.

bSerene emerged from a childhood love of animals, as company founder Chuck Latham grew up on a farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Surrounded by a family of veterinarians, Chuck was raised with a deep appreciation for animals and an understanding of what it takes to keep them happy and healthy.

That passion transformed into a lifelong mission: the evolution of an animal healthcare company that delivers pet wellness solutions based on clinical evidence.

In 2013 Chuck launched H&C Animal Health (named after his grandparents, Henry and Clemmie), creating products that enhanced the lives of both pets and their owners. Today, H&C continues to expand and innovate, bringing an array of animal healthcare solutions — with bSerene being its latest wellness brand in pet health.

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